Dragon Well Chinese Tea Shop Sydney & Tea House Sydney

You are welcome to come and visit our Chinese Tea House and Chinese Tea Shop in Sydney or you may want to shop for your tea, teapots, teacups or tea sets online.
Tea shops in Sydney are not as prevalent as coffee shops. Cafes are everywhere but you may struggle to find a tea shop. Our Dragon Well Chinese Tea House & Chinese Tea Shop is in a renovated 1860's terrace house that provides a certain rare kind of ambiance for our guests while they enjoy the pleasures of Chinese Tea.
Please come and try our huge variety of Chinese Premium Tea that we can offer you. You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality, freshness and range of tea. We stock Pu Erh Tea (puerh), longjing tea, oolong tea, white tea, green tea, jasmine tea, da hong pao tea and more.
We have high quality tea accessories such as teapots (tea pots), teacups (tea cups), tea sets, strainers, kettles, tea trays and more.
Let our resident Tea Master assist you with your choice of implements and tea. The Tea Master can advise you with regards to brewing your tea for maximum flavour, which tea pot and tea cup to use and how long to brew various types of tea.
We also take bookings for our very popular tea ceremony. The Chinese Tea Ceremony is the original tea ceremony. Japanese took up tea drinking from the Chinese and the Japanese Tea Ceremony was created after a Buddhist monk returned to Japan with tea from China.
Please come and enjoy the Chinese Tea Ceremony with our Tea Master next time you are in Sydney or at Star City Casino.
If  you are familiar with high tea in Sydney then you should come and experience the Chinese High Tea or Tea Ceremony. Western High Tea is usually focused on the social gathering of people whereas the Chinese alternative focuses on the Tea, the brewing and pouring of the tea and social interaction comes after this. In the tea ceremony your tea master will explain in detail various grades of tea, methods of brewing, pouring and tasting tea. During the tea ceremony you may ask the tea master any questions you may have regarding tea.
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